My dog doesn’t like going for walks!

I know what you’re thinking: Dogs are supposed to love walks, so why doesn’t mine?

If your dog is less than enthusiastic for their walk it could be down to a number of reasons. We should think about whether they have had any negative experiences which could have scared them: for instance, another dog being unfriendly or loud noises nearby?
Is a walk usually a pleasurable experience for you both? If not, this may be the issue and working towards making your dog feel safe on walks and as well as having time to explore new places and smells would be beneficial.

Breed can also play a large part in a dog’s willingness to walk. Brachycephalic breeds (those with flatter faces) can often find breathing more difficult, especially during walking.

However just because your dog protests at walking very far this doesn’t mean that exercise has to be a write off! After all, your dog will be much healthier for being active – even moderately. 

So, don’t forget, playing is activity too! Many dogs which are not comfortable to walk very far are quite happy to chase a toy or play with other dogs. Could part of your dog’s daily activity be replaced with playing ball in the garden or meeting up with a canine companion at the park to play? Hydrotherapy is also an option to get your pooch active! So, you might need to think outside the box a little to get your dog moving, but I’m sure you’ll find an ideal solution for you both.