Do you have a dog? 
Feel overwhelmed by their nutritional needs?

Would you like professional and personalised nutritional support for them?

Look no further. Our experienced Pet Nutritionist, Laura, is here to help with your dog’s nutrition. 

We make pet nutrition fun and simple for everyone. No more stress and worry about your pooch,  their health and nutrition.  

Whether you’re looking to understand more about your dog’s nutrition, or support to solve a particular pet parent problem, we have it covered. 

Advice and recommendations, recorded programs and information, or tailored nutritional plans to group support and webinars, we have the support for you and your pooch.


There is no one correct way to feed our dogs. We understand that different types of food suit different dog and pooch parent lifestyles.  Whatever food your dog is fed: from kibble, to wet food, to homemade raw food diets, and everything in between we can support you.

Get started by booking your free 15 minute Pet Parent Problem Solving Session.

We will discuss your pet parent problem and your pooch, to understand how to best support you. Our support  is provided remotely, so that we can support you wherever you are.


Is your pooch a bit too fat?
Are they just not loosing weight?
Not sure what to try next? 

Our Podgy Pooches Program is for you!

From tailored plans specifically for your pooch, to regular calls with our Podgy Pooches Pack to celebrate your successes and keep on track with your journey to your dog’s ideal weight there is an option to suit your needs. 

Be guided by Laura, our Professional Pet Nutritionist to transform your dog from Podgy Pooch to Healthy Hound.

Book your 10 minute call for your introduction to our Podgy Pooches Program, and have your questions answered


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