What's the best diet for my dog?

What’s the best diet for my dog?

It’s a question everybody wants answering.
In this recorded webinar you’ll be guided through Understanding Your Dog’s Nutrition, so that by the end you’ll be able to answer this question.

Pull up a chair as Laura, our Pet Nutritionist guides you through a series of topics. She’ll let you know when to pause the webinar to complete activities, giving you the opportunity to practice your new skills, build your confidence and set you and your dog up for success.

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Know when your dog will reach their next lifestage
  • Appreciate the changes in their body throughout their lifestages
  • Understand the differences in their food for each lifestage
  • Appreciate the problems associated with dogs  being under or overweight
  • Understand how body condition scoring is used to determine ideal weight in dogs
  • Learn to Body condition score
  • Understand the importance of whole diet balance for your dog
  • Understand the reasons for feeding treats
  • Appreciate where alternative treats may be preferential
  • Identify what your dog needs from their food
  • Be able to read dog food packaging
  • Recognise whether a food suits your dog

Not forgetting, you can send your questions to Laura to answer too!

Sound good? Then it’s time to get started.