Pet Owners

Would you like professional, caring and expert nutritional support for your pet?

We know that all animals are unique. This is why all our services provide bespoke nutritional support, tailored individually to you and your pet.

Whether you need a review of your pet’s diet; a nutritional plan to bring your pet back to their healthy size; or have a query you would like help with, our experienced and friendly pet nutritionist will be happy to support you.

We understand that different types of food suit different pets and owner lifestyles, and that there is no one correct way to feed our pets. Whatever food your pet is fed, from kibble, to wet food, to homemade raw food diets, we can help.

From a one-off session to ongoing regular support and check-ins with our pet nutritionist, our flexible approach is sure to suit your preference. As our approach is tailored to each individual pet owner, and their unique requirements we do not have a set session fee. Our services are affordably priced and tailored to you.

To get started for free, send us a message or book your Free 15 minute Pet Parent Problem Solving Session call!

Here we will discuss your all aspects of your requirements, so that we can understand how we can best support you. We work through phone calls and emails rather than face to face, meaning that we can support you wherever you are.   

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