Making pet nutrition fun and simple.

At Rewarding Pet Nutrition we support both pet businesses and pet owners. Pet nutrition is our passion. Whether that is consultancy for pet brands and businesses; delivering workshops to empower pet parents with the knowledge they need to make the best choices for the pets in their family; or providing tailored support to individual owners for their pet’s nutritional needs.

Rewarding Pet Nutrition was set up by a Pet Nutritionist who found throughout her studies and career that pet parents found giving good nutrition to their pets difficult. From identifying a healthy body size, to knowing whether a food suits their pet, to how much to feed. She decided that we would be the people to demystify pet food and empower owners everywhere. To remove the stress around nutrition for individual animals amongst so much conflicting information. To improve the health of our beloved, cheeky pets with nutrition which suits them.

Why do we do what we do? To make pet nutrition fun and simple.

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