You may have seen me recommending wonderful Lickimat® products on social media before. I think that they are wonderful products. I use them all the time with my dog, Bo. Let me talk you though the features.

Lickimats are awesome if you’re looking for:

  • A boredom buster – keep your dog entertained, leaving you to get on with your own thing in peace!
  • Convenient – they are freezable and many are dishwasher safe too. Long lasting and easy to use.
  • Calming – the licking action releases calming signals in your dog’s brain, meaning that Lickimat® products are a fantastic option to calm your dog when it’s time for chilled out play or entertainment.

There are so many different Lickimat® products, we’re spoilt for choice! Let me tell you about some of my favourites.

  • LickiMat® Yoggie Pot
    The LickiMat® Yoggie Pot is a new product from Lickimat®. It’s a fantastic option for a long-lasting entertainment for your dog. I especially love it frozen, as then it takes Bo around an hour to finish! You simply add your chosen filling up to the top of the central star and freeze.
    Why not try my Banana and Strawberry Doggy Ice Cream in your LickiMat® Yoggie Pot!

  • LickiMat® UFO
    Bath times just got more enjoyable for Bo! This sucks to the side of the bath which means that we no longer have the issue of fidgety bath times. Yoghurt in her LickiMat® UFO keeps her focus whist she’s washed. Brilliant. I’ll be using it for next time she needs a haircut too.
  • LickiMat® Wobble™
    This is similar to the Lickimat® Soother™ , but rather than being flat it’s in a bowl shape meaning that it moves around. It adds an extra dimension to the activity meaning a bit more concentration from them.

  • Flat Lickimats!
    My favourite is Lickimat® Playdate™, just because this pattern tends to work best for Bo’s breakfast but we have a selection of different sizes and patterns which we use for Bo’s breakfast and for adding other food combinations to keep her occupied.
  • Lickimat® Slomo™ 
    For a more hard-wearing option, Lickimat® Slomo™ is great. Easily use for feeding wet food and the four quarters make it simple to get creative and add variety to each section.

I have a discount code for you!

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Information on Lickimat® and how to use the Rewarding Pet Nutrition discount code. REWARDING20 entitles you to 20% off at www.lickimat.co.uk