As a pet business have you wondered whether you’re making the most out of your pet nutrition support? Which questions to ask your pet nutritionist? Areas they could be supporting you with? Below are some questions which you may not have thought about, which can help your pet nutritionist support you most effectively.

What is missing from my pet food range?

Dependent on your individual business and market niche, a range doesn’t need to contain every option for different pet sizes and requirements. In fact in some cases this would be counterproductive. A pet nutritionist can assist you in understanding the pet food market,  and how your pet food range can best fit into it.

How can I make my pet food formula more robust?

It’s easy to rely on a small number of ingredients within a formulation. This is especially true for simple and limited ingredient diets. By spreading the reliance and using greater variety of ingredients, however, the robustness of the formula against ingredient variability increases. Therefore any natural variation of ingredients within the supplier specification are less likely to cause your product to fall out of specification to your packaging declarations.

How to improve my pet food range?

There are always aspirations for improvements. Afterall, this is what inspires us to innovate, to try new things and create better solutions. The pet food industry is an area of huge innovation and variety. Different solutions are found continuously to improve and build pet food ranges. Your pet nutritionist will work with you to understand your brand and product priorities, as well as your target market and pet consumers. Using this information to find a solution to bring new and exciting developments to your pet food range.

How can I make strong functional claims?

In this time of booming functional foods, making strong functional claims is something that is of greater and greater appeal to companies. You can’t however, make a functional claim without the substantiation to back it up. If you are looking for a solution to substantiate your functional claim aspirations speak to your pet nutritionist to find the solution.

How can I create products which pet parents need?

We all know that having great products is one thing, but if they don’t address a need of pet parents they can fly under the radar. Your pet nutritionist can advise you upon the types of market research to conduct, the questions to ask and how your product may fit into your range and the wider pet space.

How can I translate my ideas into a final product?

The pet food industry is filled with huge variety of exciting products. Deciding what you would like your product to be can be a difficult choice. Afterall a product can’t be everything at once. Is more always better? Is simplicity the key? If you would like support in finding direction amongst the whirlwind of product ideas to help you with your new product development then reach out to your pet nutritionist.

Incorporate your pet nutritionist into your business. Explain the passion and reasoning behind your business and product aspirations. Explain the why of what you’re doing. By giving your pet nutritionist the whole picture of your pet business, they can often provide greater insight and knowledge applicable to your product development now.

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