Podgy Pooches Program Step 2

Congratulations for being a wonderful Pet Parent!
Accepting that your pooch is podgy, and taking steps to get them to their healthy size is one of the single best things you can do as a Pet Parent to look after the health of your dog.
A round of applause for you! We are thrilled to have you here at Step 2 of our Podgy Pooches Program!

What’s The Podgy Pooches Program Step 2 all about?

For the Podgy Pooches Program Step 2, things get personal.
Laura, our Expert Pet Nutritionist, will be supporting you directly, making a plan of action which is completely tailored to your pooch.

How does this work?

You don’t need to have completed Podgy Pooches Program Step 1 before Step 2. Step 2 can be completed as a stand alone support.

Firstly, you complete your Podgy Pooch’s Profile.
You will complete a handful of documents, including a questionnaire, a food diary and an activity diary for your pooch. You also provide us with photos of your pooch, and their measurements too.
This makes up your Podgy Pooch’s Profile, and means that we have all of the information we need about your pooch, their food and lifestyle to make them a terrific tailored plan.

Secondly, Laura gets to work on your Professional Diet Review.
She will look in detail at your Podgy Pooch’s Profile, to understand what the best fit will be for you and your pooch.

Thirdly, Laura calculates your Podgy Pooches Plan!
Your Podgy Pooches Plan is completely unique and tailored to you and your pooch.
We take into account their whole diet and lifestyle, to produce a plan which sets you both up for weight loss success.

Once your Podgy Pooches Plan is ready, Laura will schedule a call to chat through all of her recommendations. During your call Laura will talk you through the details of your tailored plan, and then you’ll be ready to make a start!

Finally, you have our professional support to get you and your pooch off to the best start with their weight loss journey!
For a full eight weeks you’ll have a quick weekly call with Laura. These calls are specifically to celebrate your progress, address any stumbling blocks and answer your questions.

What is a Podgy Pooches Plan?

Your Podgy Pooches Plan is your crystal clear, step by step personalised and professional plan to guide you and your pooch back to their healthy weight.

Your plan will guide you step by step through exactly how much of each food you should feed your dog per day. It will take into account many things like the foods you feed now, as well as your pooch’s preferences and lifestyle. We can look to keep their food the same, or try something new.
We will build some tasty treats into the your plan too. Afterall, we are here to make pet nutrition fun and simple for everybody!

You can look forward to receiving your Podgy Pooch’s Personalised Plan soon. Completely tailored to you and your dog.


You will have everything you need to progress with your pooch’s weight loss journey.

Does this sound good to you?
Once you purchase you can begin completing your Podgy Pooch’s Profile straight away!


If you’re not quite sure whether this program is what you need or you have a couple of questions, just click here to book a 10 minute quick call with me! We can have a quick chat to make sure that this is the best option for you before you sign up.