We have all heard how important it is for us humans to drink our two litres of water per day, but have you thought about improving your pet’s hydration too? 

Summer is when we consider hydration of our pets most often. The dangers of heatstroke are well understood and keeping pets cool is at the forefront of our minds. Thinking about hydration in hot weather is important, but keeping those water bowls topped up in cooler weather is necessary too.

Benefits of Good Hydration

The benefits of maintaining our own good hydration also apply to our pets. The benefits are numerous and so wide ranging.  After all, like us, water forms up to two thirds of our pet’s bodies! Good hydration positivity effects the whole body. Hydration is crucial for these key areas:

  • Brain health and focus
  • Urinary health (especially relating to UTIs and kidney stone avoidance)
  • Joint health
  • Digestive health
  • Temperature regulation
  • Skin health
  • And more!

There is often no need to monitor our pet’s water consumption precisely, unless directed to do so by your vet. Water should never be limited, even if their water consumption is increased. There are many reasons that your pet may start to drink more. If you are worried then speak to your vet. Your pet should have access to clean, fresh water at all times. Keeping them hydrated, however, can sometimes require a more imaginative approach!

Tips for Increasing Hydration

  • Multiple Water Bowls: To encourage your pets to drink you can offer multiple water sources spread out around their space. Especially for cats, offering more than one water bowl, and for water to be offered in a different place to their food, is best.
  • Running Water: Some pets can’t resist an opportunity to drink from the tap or hosepipe!
  • Fruity Water: Try adding small pieces of fruit or vegetables to a water bowl (such as cucumber or blueberries) for your pets to take out. Fruits and vegetables themselves contain water, so feeding these as snacks also contributes to your pets hydration status. Be aware which fruits and vegetables are suitable for your pets.
  • Ice cubes: Some pets love an ice cube! Do not offer ice cubes to pets suffering from heatstroke, as this will hinder the body’s attempts to cool down. In other situations however they can be a fun way to improve your pet’s hydration. You can try freezing little treats or pieces of fruit and vegetables in your ice cubes too.
  • Pet drinks: Pet drinks are a tasty option for increasing their hydration. Water should always be your pet’s primary source of hydration, but like us sometimes our pets aren’t interested in water but will be tempted by a tasty drink.

Let’s all replenish those water bowls and look at how these fun and simple solutions can improve your pets hydration!

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